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Newborn care

Your pediatrician is an important advisor as you transition home with your baby after delivery. Whether it’s your first child or one of many, each experience is different. Your doctor can answer questions and provide information about proper care for your newborn. During your visit, you can find out how much sleep your child should get and how often to feed your baby. Our medical team can help you find answers that are right for your family.

Talk with your doctor about:

  • Daily feeding schedules and nutrition
  • Tips on grooming and hygiene
  • Safe sleep and sleep schedules
  • Encouraging healthy growth and development
  • Activities for brain development
  • Recommended doctor visits
  • Vaccinations and immunizations

Baby Cafe

Breastfeeding mothers and their babies are invited to drop in and connect with our lactation consultant and share experiences with other moms. The lactation consultant is on hand to answer your breastfeeding questions and provide infant weight checks. Come and enjoy refreshments every Tuesday at 10:30 am to noon and have conversations with other new moms. No appointment is needed and children are welcome.